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Guest Post : It’s Sunday – Fish and Chips Night

We’ve already seen the incredibly organised inside of Peter’s pantry in Pantry Portraits and now we get to enjoy Sunday night dinner at the Cooke residence. I can tell you where I’ll be for Sunday dinners from now on. It’s Sunday – Fish and Chips Night Peter Cooke Most Sundays the extended family come for dinner. … Continue reading

Guest posts this week and an Ethiopian red lentil curry

With my poor body still being off most things you humans like to call food (including looking at the pictures), I have relied upon my friends and Walter O Food readers to indulge and document. From what I’ve seen there has been wonderful dinners and fantastic writing. Keep an eye out this week for Peter … Continue reading

Lost and starving in hell – I need your help!

Right – it’s been a while – I didn’t think it would be this long. Walter O Food’s recent neglect is due to sickness. Being horribly sick and being unable to eat, cook or talk about food. Hell as far as I’m concerned. Oh yes I’ve been eating vegemite on toast and the occasional bowl of … Continue reading

Breakfast feast – all about the condiments

Our house went from a quiet lazy Saturday morning to a hive of activity. When it comes to entertaining – especially of the breakfast kind, my other half and I work pretty well together. By the time everyone had bloody mary’s and ciders breakfast was well under way and quickly served. Crispy bacon, butter and … Continue reading

Shanks and goodnight

Slow cooker is out again – actually is hasn’t really gone away yet. It’s taken over prime position in the kitchen – where my blender used to be – however,  it shares the space with my juicer. I feel a little sorry for poor old blender (I did get blender out for tonight’s dinner though). … Continue reading

Guest post – Josh cooks Bang Bang Chicken (recipe included)

As you get older, especially once you have children, you start to think about the foods that you put into your (and your children’s) mouths and hope that you instil good food values into your children. As a kid I was fed a number of different foods – some a little bland and some really … Continue reading

Robyn Dawson: a love of food unlike any other

Robyn Dawson is a friend of mine. She is an excitable and loving Scot from Edinborough. She introduced me to hot sauce & chipotle peppers, she spends hours on food blogs & eats tomatoes like apples. She has a relationship with food that boarders on manic. She does everything a million miles and hour and … Continue reading

Paw paw & Tambourine pie

It’s been a strange few days, busy but so relaxing – it feels like weeks ago I jumped in the car and drove into the clouds at the top of Mt Tambourine. However it was only a few days. Since then, I’ve made birds at GoMA, walked along the river, tasted fudge and licourice, watched … Continue reading

Perfect porridge (slow cooked porridge round 2)

Nailed it. Amazing texture. Perfectly silky with a slight chewy groat and sweet oaty-ness, sweet enough there is need to for honey or sugar. Perfect with banana and milk. 1.5 cup whole oat groats 1.5 cup steel cut oats pinch salt 12 cups filtered water Slow cooked on high for 4 hours (or on low … Continue reading